Critique, Suggest, Go Beyond, and Don't Stop.

Where it All Began

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and I'm truly a midwesterner at heart. After graduating from high school, I moved to Washington D.C. to attend American University. I started off as a pre-med major but quickly discovered my affinity (and enjoyment) for biology didn't translate well to my new pursuit. In my sophomore year, I switched to Graphic Design, where I found a great creative outlet and a career path that made a job never truly feel like work. In 2011 I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Communications.


Today, I work as a User Experience and User Interface Designer at a small, but innovative studio, Avendi.

I consider my self open-minded and I am always trying to learn new things. I frequently explore my deep enthusiasm for barbecue, love of beer, exploring national parks, and watching soccer.

In my day-to-day free time, I enjoy hanging out with my cat and girlfriend, listening to the latest podcasts, indulging in new bars/restaurants, 3D printing fun and practical objects, baking my favorite recipes, and finding new mind-bending tv shows.

Design Approach

Design is a fun but serious business. Here's my promise:
I will react, revise, and judge my own work. I will create concepts and have a concept every time. More isn't better; negative space isn't bad. Look at good design, and determine what makes it work. Detach myself if it's not working. Don't force a new concept. Everything should have a purpose. Ensure every element supports and enhances the concept. Everything should be a part of the hierarchy. Make every effort count. Bring passion to the work.


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